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I wanted to write this post to provide you an insight as to why I have started a newsletter and what it will be about. I’m currently committed to one video a week on my PilotPhotog YouTube channel and now I’ve added a newsletter into the mix. So, what exactly is Hangar Flying? Well,Hangar Flying is the practice (some would say art) of pilots congregating around a hangar when they are not flying and sharing experiences, tips, and those “there I was” moments every pilot encounters in their flying career.

1. Why this, why now

Aviation and history are my passions - there are so many stories to tell and share that I could make a YouTube video a week for the next 50 years and still have stories to tell. This newsletter will allow me to take a deeper look into areas that I wouldn’t be able to make into a video - at least in the near term. I will provide you with updates on what I am working on, a look back at the week in aviation history, and a previous video you may have missed.

2. The community

My aim for this newsletter is to build a community and bring together individuals from all walks of life and all branches of the service to connect, remember, commiserate, and find a place on the internet where we can just enjoy our shared passion of aviation and history. Sometimes we may disagree, we may want to dive deeper into topics, or we want to focus on a certain aircraft or historical event, but at the end of the day think of this newsletter as a friendly bar or pub where everyone shares your interests. Hopefully you’ll make connections and friends along the way.

3. What you can expect

Barring any life issues, weekly posts. I understand you are busy, and life is full of nearly overwhelming information. I am honored that you are reading this and will respect your time. Each post will have several sections, so that you can skip to the one that draws your attention or (hopefully) you read it in its entirety. I’m working on keeping the posts down to a 5-minute read, and eventually bring in features like chat sessions or comment threads. For now, a weekly 5-minute read is where I will start. Thank you, and if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

4. Photo outlet

Some people don’t realize that my channel’s name PilotPhotog is a combination of two words: Pilot and Photography. I began this channel as an aviation photographer of sorts and it has grown into what it has become today. In this newsletter, I will share some of my photos that I have taken at airshows over the years. Here is one below:

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